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    Unable to decrypt password.




      I had previously been running Patch Manager seamlessly, but started experiencing problems with the EminentWare Data Grid Server (ewdgs) service. I cleared the existing values in the Registry Editor, and was then able to successfully start the service. Although, I am now in a different predicament; Patch Manager presents the following error any time I attempt to navigate to any end devices or updates: "Unable to decrypt password. Please reset the password for credential "DOMAIN\user"." The Patch Manager Web Console has a similar problem; it will not display any data in any module, and in turn shows the message: "Error when executing task: unable to get data." I realize that I started experiencing these problems when I changed my domain account's password. As for the errors, if they fall within the confines of the EWDGS or the domain, I am uncertain.





      Isaac Alexander


      SolarWinds Error 002.PNG

      SolarWinds Error 001.PNG