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    Database over writing ???


      I am running Cattools version 3.4 . have created 500 + devices . I export the database to make changes to the original data


      Example data

      A1 b2 c3 d4


      Now I want to change the data to be


      A3 b4 c d


      I want the data to cell c and d to be blank


      When I update the device in Cattool by importing them , they only update so they don’t read the fact I took the data out of the cells it only writes the new information to cells A and b but cells c and d still read   c3 d4, when I need them empty.


      MY data end up being A3 b4 c3 d4


        Any idea how I can do this without having to Manually remove this date or kill the whole data base and start over? I tried adding a space but that didn’t work.