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    Asset Connection to Lansweeper needs a Custom field to Custom field attribute mapping.




      I've just upgraded to version 12 of WHD and other than getting adjusted to the orange icons, everything is going well.


      I was very impressed to discover the Asset Discovery Connection to Lansweeper, which we also have and use as our asset controller.


      After getting the WHD to connect to Lansweepers SQL, I started looking at the Attribute Mappings.


      After a lot of fiddling around, I think I have got the best setup running, but I could really do with a configurable Custom field in WHD, that can be connected to a Custom field in Lansweeper.


      We have a manual Asset labelling system which is our recorded Asset number.


      Due to the way Lansweeper discovers devices and records it's own Unique ID, we are entering our Asset ID into a Custom Field.


      Having the option to attach that Custom field to either WHD's Asset ID or a Custom field would make searching Assets an awful lot easier.


      Can this be done to the next version?