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    Another question about AlertStatus records


      When I query for alerts, and I get an ObjectType of "Routing Neighbors", or for that matter, anything that is NOT "Interface" or "Node" (actually, I haven't seen an object type of Node, so not sure what it would/should be), how do I know which table to query if I want to get information about the device that fired/raised the alert?


      In other words, how do I know which table to query in order to get more information about the 'ActiveObject' that's raised the alert?


      Have seen these ObjectTypes as well as "Interface":
      <ObjectType>Hardware Sensor</ObjectType>
      <ObjectType>Routing Neighbors</ObjectType>
      <ObjectType>Multicast routing</ObjectType>
      <ObjectType>IPAM Networks</ObjectType>





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          I don't have the full list with me at the moment, but if you look at the list of entities in SWQL studio you should be able to correlate most with which entity the active object refers to.


          Active ObjectEntity
          Routing NeighborsOrion.Routing.Neighbors
          Hardware SensorOrion.HardwareHealth.HardwareItem
          APM: ApplicationOrion.APM.Application
          APM: ComponentOrion.APM.Component
          Multicast RoutingOrion.NPM.MulticastRouting.GroupNodes
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