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    Remove redundant Atlas map table?


      I'm trying to create a NOC-type screen to be deployed on a large public monitor showing various nodes/apps/etc and their uptime status.


      I have a draft dashboard created using Atlas and when I navigate to it in a browser, the Atlas map has a table at the bottom of the screen showing all of the items already displayed in the map and their statuses.  This seems redundant.  Is there a way to get rid of this table?


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          Just so we're on the same page, would you perhaps be able to post a screenshot of what you're seeing?

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              D'oh.  That would help wouldn't it?


              I'm trying to show the various transactions and steps from recordings in WPM.  I've removed some of the items from the screengrab below but each row of green boxes should be transaction status then each of that transaction's steps listed horizontally.  When I create the map in Atlas, it only shows the objects I've placed on the screen.  When I publish that map and display it in the browser, I get something like the below, where the map appears as expected then there is a redundant table below it showing each transaction/step and its status.


              Thanks in advance.


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              Petr Pribyl

              I'd like to join to this question.
              I'm pretty sure I already found a solution here on thwack few years ago (by editing some xml/cfg file ), but I'm not able to find it again. I have this already applied but it dismismised after some NPM upgrade.