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    TR-069 Management Protocol Support in NPM


      I am a WISP that has implemented an entire WiMAX/LTE network. These IEEE standards do not currently support "SNMP"-type monitoring and management but instead support TR-069 for these capabilities. I really need to know if my NPM will support this protocol for monitoring and remote management?



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          Hi Jeff


          By what du you mean support ?:-)

          From what I can read/know  TR-069 is HTTP SOAP appl. that  communicate from your OSS/BSS to the WIMAX/LTE CPE right?

          1.Solarwinds NPM can monitor with help of SNMP/ICMP/WMI that server that run TR-069 service.

          2.NPM can monitor the VLAN/VRF/IP that service use to communicate.

          3.SAM  (Application Performance Monitor) should could  monitor that SOAP interface (service)but I'm not sure.



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              TR-069 is a management framework, just like SNMP. This is typically used by ISPs to support end-devices and is used to support things like 'zeroconfig' where you buy a DSL modem/router from your nearest store, plug it in, the modem locates the ACS, negotiates with it to obtain firmware updates and the correct network configuration, present the user with a captive portal, etc. It can also do proxy management of home networking devices.

              [I used to work for Motive, now part of Alcatel-Lucent, that sells software for managing this experience]


              Anyway, layered on top of TR-069 are the device models (think SNMPmibs) that describe how you would manage the CPE ddevice, and proxy-manage any home networking devices. Typically (I've never seen it done any other way) OSS/BSS interact with the ACS rather than the CPE devices. As an interesting problem the Wireless-Controller (~= ACS) and thin AP (~=CPE device) is probably the closest model NPM has, in which case integrating with your ACS might be what you're asking for.


              TR-069 alone doesn't give much functionality, it's what you want to gather with it that makes it useful, and that's not articulated in the question.


              NPM doesn't support TR-069; I think you'd need to talk with the product manager about what you really need.

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                RL: you are correct in that TR-069 is basically SNMP on steroids and is used as the standard remote monitoring and management protocol type for WiMAX/LTE-based networks.


                However, these WiMAX/LTE devices do not support SNMP by the nature of their respective technology profiles - so my ultimate question would be is if my NPM would still be able to monitor these devices in terms of telling me their status (up/down/failing) and the statistics of their connection (throughput/RSSI/modulation/etc.) - you know, all the things that are normally monitored through SNMP?