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    Licensing - Parts or Assets


      I am trying to get my head around managing licenses in WHD.  I am not sure if it should be an asset or a part.  I would think an asset since it is something assigned to a user or pc but a part in that the license is consumable.


      Does anyone have any methods that they have tried/used for managing licenses?




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          I too would like to take advantage of the features in the marketing blurb, specifically:-


          "Software license deployment tracking — a must have.How many Word processor licenses does your organization own? How many does it need? Do you really need to order more for the new hires?"

          however I see nothing in the latest version (12.1.0) related to this, and coldnt find anything in the admin guide.  Could somebody from solar winds perhaps elaborate on this?

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              I'm not aware of WHD being able to track software licensing but it does discover hardware assets though.  I'd love to know what others are using for this.  I'm just scratching the surface on MS SCCM so we'll see if I can make that work.

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                  Yes I believe its a facility that was introduced in version 12, however it may be in earlier versions aswell.


                  It appears its not very well documented, hence i imagine the op's post, and my subsequent bump, however the support guys at solarwinds have confirmed it exists, albiet in what I would consider to be a broken and poorly implemented fashion.


                  I have just received the following support email:-


                  So you can go to Setup>Assets>Types and create new type, for example Software.

                  You can also go now to Setup>Assets>Manufacturers & Models and create New Manufacturer for example Symantec then you can even create numerous models of it once you click on it, for example Symantec Antivirus or Symantec Backup.

                  Now you can go and create new asset.
                  Choose asset type as Software.
                  Model as Symantec Antivirus.
                  Location etc.
                  Now click on save.
                  Now you will notice new button called Relation, change this to Child, which means that this Asset is acting as child and as such will be applied to other Asset (for example your HW assets).
                  When you select child, new option for Multi-install will appear, click on this as well and type number of licences you got.

                  This way you can set up your Antivirus licence.
                  One more thing I need to mention, that at the moment we dont have warning for low install count or even negative install count, so you will need to watch this by yourself.


                  The support representative does fail to mention that if you do not have an asset type of "Software", you will need to create one. I have followed these instructions, along with adding the relevant asset type, and I can confirm it works.  They also acknowledge that while it will show you the number of available licences (depending on what you input), and how many are in use, there are no email alerts or messages to indicate you are exceeding your allocated licence count.  This is a shame, and I would hope it be implemented in future.


                  Hope this helps the op or any other person who reads this post.

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                op, please see my post and hope it helps.