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    MIB WALKS from HP, 3COM, Dell, Huawei & Allied Telesys switches


      We are looking for SNMP MIB walk from Juniper, HP, 3COM, Dell, Huawei & Allied Telesys switches. We are seeking for users who would be willing to perform SNMP MIB walks against these vendor devices on their network.


      You could use the following procedures to gain walks from your devices


      1. Use this SNMPWALK tool, created by SolarWinds.

      2. Or use NET-SNMP instead of the tool provided above you can download and install NET-SNMP from http://net-snmp.sourceforge.net/

           Win32 binaries are available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/net-snmp/files/net-snmp%20binaries/5.5-binaries/net-snmp-5.5.0-1.x86.exe/download

           Run this command from “installation directory/bin/”: snmpwalk -v 2c -c public -O netU 1 > output.txt
      (change the IP address and community string accordingly, and don’t forget there is 1 after IP address. It means it will scan whole SNMP tree)

      Both methods will generate a single file per server containing a complete MIB walk of the device. We recommend naming this file the make and model of the device that was scanned. For example "Huawei S5700.txt".

      Once done, please email it to me at cliton.godinho@solarwinds.com

      We look forward for your walks and in turn better support these vendor devices.