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    SWQL queries for quick network overview


      I've been trying to find some SWQL queries used to generate the output in the WebConsole, i.e. Home >> Top 10 or Home >> Summary. I'd like to use them for SWIS and to generate data visualizations. Unfortunately I couldn't find any. Is there an article describing the queries used for the WebConsole or a resource with extended examples?


      On a similar note, is there an easy way for an admin to figure these out?


      I've read the admin guide and SDK technical reference, but as far as I remember the examples given there were just to showcase how it generally works. Usually I'd just experiment a bit, but unfortunately I only have user access to the WebConsole and won't get access to port 17778 until my work is pretty much done. I'll only get time on the admin machine to run the queries and save the results.

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          Jan Pelousek



          as far as I know most of the resources you are talking about aren't SWIS based, but are querying directly against SQL. The easiest way to find out the queries executed by the website resources is:

          1. Locate web.config (default location is c:\inetpub\SolarWinds\)
          2. Switch the key <add key="HubbleActive" value="false" /> to true and save the file
          3. Find the resource of interrest and detach it to new tab by clicking on the resource title
          4. Investigate the queries returned by the hubble (red box on the top and click on details). One of them is usually pulling the data you need. In the left part of the output you will also see if the query is SQL or SWQL.

          I hope it helped.


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