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    Alert Central Bug: Alert corruption /w fun


      Hello everyone,


      I've been experiencing a strange bug that's been happening for the past few days. I'll try and hammer out the basics for you, and show you what I've found.



      Alert Central receives an alert and captures the information I've requested. This information displays fine on the website, but the alert it self is corrupted. Not only that, but the malformation of the alert can cause all kinds of added bugs, which made this hard to diagnose. Below are my findings:


      Summary of bug:

      This bug causes Alerts to loop, route improperly, and display incorrectly.

      Can I replicate this bug:



      How often does it happen:

      With each alert captured by the configured "e-mail source"


      I believe it's do to Alert Central capturing two lines of information. When it attempts to place both lines in the subject, it breaks the alert.


      • Malformed e-mail alert
      • Assigning the alert to an individual will notify the entire group.
      • Assigning the alert to an individual will notify members of other groups.
      • Alerting loop can happen. Although it's configured to Ack the alert or close, it will loop the alert over and over.


      Supporting Documentation:


      (See Attached for Debug Logs and .msg of alert)


      The alert displays correctly on the website:


      When you view the alert via the website:


      How I'm capturing this information from the original e-mail: (Start at Free Space and stop as soon as we find the word Agent)



      Here is the e-mail you receive. It's supposed to be in HTML format. (Note* It doesn't seem to happen if I change the alerts to plain text.)



      The best part, reassigning this corrupt alert will notify each member of the group to whom it was assigned.



      I'm down a version or so, but I haven't upgraded because I like to review for bugs in the new releases.

      From what I can tell, the recent releases don't list this as a bug fix.




      Please let me know if you have any questions. A possible solution to this would be to have the triggering e-mail reformatted.


      For myself, I believe I can get that done. It may not be that way for everyone though. For example, my networking alerts trigger just fine.

      These alerts are for another team. I'll need to work with them to accomplish the task of having them reformatted..


      Thanks Everyone!