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    Considerations For Building Highly Available SolarWinds Monitoring And Alerting Solution


      Hi All SW Gurus,


      I would appreciate if you can help us all to gather as much info as possible in this threat on various recommendations with regards to building highly available monitoring solution for the IT systems. For example some questions I am trying to answer:


      * Can I have more than 1 app server to keep them in different physical sites? Does active-passive, active-active or similar architecture supported? Do I need extra license for it?

      * When would I consider polling engines? How can they increase availability?

      * How to approach IT systems monitoring taking into account that SolarWinds solution itself is part of IT Infrastructure. What if entire infrastructure is down at my main site? How do I still ensure I get decent monitoring in place to help me troubleshoot issues?

      * etc...


      It would be really interesting to learn how other THWACK members approach the challenge of keeping monitoring solution highly available so that it always stays on top of every failure and problem within IT environment


      Thank You,