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    The server has unexpectedly closed the connection-FTP Voyager Scheduler


      I am getting this error only when connecting to a server with a profile under "scheduler site profile" (under tools), when using and identical profile under the regular "site profiles" (under browser) I don't get the error. It's very consistent when I try the scheduler site profile first and many times. Once I try the site in the regular profile and it connects I can then go back to the scheduler profile and it connects just fine. If I stop and start the scheduler service the error returns.


      Any ideas? I've made sure both profiles are identical. I've also removed and re-created the scheduler profile. I don't get it. It's like a bug.

      I've tried the re-connection and timeout values but they don't seem to help as it actually does connect but then immediately get's disconnected.


      Some log below:

      12] Thu 13Feb14 18:30:01 - (Task: CTABS Daily Upload) - Performing scheduled execution of task for Thursday, February 13, 2014 18:30:00.

      [03] Thu 13Feb14 18:30:02 - Resolving host "eippftp.com"...

      [03] Thu 13Feb14 18:30:02 - Connecting to "" on port 22.

      [03] Thu 13Feb14 18:30:02 - Connected to from

      [03] Thu 13Feb14 18:30:02 - Negotiating SSH2 session with server...

      [03] Thu 13Feb14 18:30:02 - Client Identification: SSH-2.0-FTP Voyager_16.1.0.0

      [04] Thu 13Feb14 18:30:02 - The server has unexpectedly closed the connection.

      [12] Thu 13Feb14 18:30:02 - (Task: CTABS Daily Upload) - Execution failed (Last Error Message: ).

      [12] Thu 13Feb14 18:30:02 - (Task: CTABS Daily Upload) - Next scheduled execution on Friday, February 14, 2014 18:30:00


      Thanks all :-)