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    find switchport and switch an end device is connected to




      Just installed newest version of User Device Tracker.  Have all Cisco Switches.  All switches and ports are monitored as well as most of my endpoint devices.  On my Cisco Wireless LAN Controller I can see all APs, their IP Addresses as well as the switch and switch port they are connected to.  However on my end devices (PCs, Printers, etc) I can not see any info on what current switch and switch port the device is connected to.  Should I be able to see that?


      I've poked around in the database and can find basic data about switches and ports.  Can also find IP and Mac addresses of all my end devices.  Just can't seem to find a way to join the two.  Anyone have a custom query that will show a switch, all its ports, and the endpoint mac address or Ip currently attached to the port?  Thanks.