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    Question about something in the UnderstandingOrionAdvancedAlerts document


      On page 3 of the UnderstandingOrionAdvancedAlerts document, it is stated that "The trigger condition timer is an option when defining a trigger. When a trigger condition is detected an entry is made in the /Orion database/ to define the state of the triggered condition."


      Given that the /Orion database/ has MANY tables, it seems like knowing which table(s) said 'entry' is made in[to] would be a good thing. Can anyone tell me which table(s) the doc is talking about? (AlertStatus, AlertTriggered, ??)


      On another note,

      We are also curious about the lifecycle of an alert; e.g. If an alert is fired for a device, then the device resets itself, or otherwise negates the alert, what happens to that alert?