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    Adding Report Writer reports to Web-Based Reports


      Hi I've got a few Report Writer Reports that I'd like to add as content to a Web-Based Report, but I can't see how to do this.

      Has anyone done this or must the reports be recreated?

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          Report Writer reports are imported into the web interface in a read-only fashion. They can still be edited in the Win32 app, but otherwise would need to be recreated in web-reporting to be editable there.

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              IMO, this is unacceptable!  We have almost 200 reports in Win32 app with a majority being Advanced SQL reports.  There is no way I have the time to recreate them in the web interface so I have the ability to edit them.  There needs to be a mechanism provided to import them to web-based reports and also have ability to edit them. SolarWinds is doing the same thing that was done with alerts.  Originally, there was Basic Alert Manager (which we never used) and then came along Advanced Alert Manager with SolarWinds telling us that they planned to merge the two.  How many years has it been?   Never happened!   Now, SolarWinds is pulling the same stunt with reports and not providing a way to edit Report Writer reports in the web-interface thus having customers use two reporting methods.  We've decided not to maintain a hybrid report building solution and having to determine which method to use to edit/clone reports.  Although the new web interface looks promising, until there is a way to edit RW created reports, this is one customer that is more comfortable with sticking with the flexibility of the Win32 app over the web interface.