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    How do I enable notifications for STM updates, hot-fixes, RC, and beta releases, via Thwack and/or the Support Portal?


      I have accounts for both Thwack and the Solarwinds Support Portal. Both are watching or associated the STM product. However, I never receive a notification when a new STM update, hot-fix, beta or RC is made available.


      How do I enable notifications for these STM updates, via Thwack and/or the Support Portal?

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          Hi Dale,


          Since we've been talking regularly about the Beta in recent months, I'm assuming your mean this more generally?


          SolarWinds tries to provide several methods of notifying customers about product releases. You can check one, some, or all of these:

          1. The main forum for the product. For STM, that is here:Storage Resource Monitor As you can see, in Feature Content is my announcement of Beta 1.
          2. Every product also has dedicated RC and Beta forums. This is where ongoing discussion of issues and annoucnements from the Product Team should be directed for non-GA versions of the product
            1. STM Beta Forum - Storage Resource Monitor Beta
            2. STM RC Forum - Storage Resource Monitor Release Candidate
          3. HotFixes come out a a regular cadence. These are almost always pushed out at the End of our Fiscal Quarters (if at all). We tend to not do broad announcements of these and the best place to look for these is in your Customer Portal.
          4. SolarWinds publishes a monthly customer newsletter that announces all Betas, RC's and new releases of products. This is definitely the most passive way to get updates and comes direct to you monthly in your inbox. Let me know if you're not getting this.
          5. All releases of note are elaborated on in detail in our Product Blog. This includes Beta's and RC's. It is probably the best resource we have on all of Thwack to understand where we are spending our time in developing the products. This is also our primary recruitment tool for Beta and RC participation, so we encourage everyone to keep an eye on it. Storage Manager 5.7 Beta 1
          6. RC's are (almost) always available via your customer portal.


          So, let me ask you - Are we missing out on an obvious opportunity to notify you someway? The Product Team would LOVE to bump their participation in Beta and RC programs, so definitely interested to know if there is a way to reach you more effectively without becoming annoying.

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              Unless I am missing something, I only stumble across new releases and hot-fixes for STM on the Customer Portal when I log in, or if I happen to see a forum update on Thwack.


              It would be good if I can opt in via my Customer Portal account to have a "New Release (or Hot-fix) is available for Product X (that you own)" sent to my email address. Update notification for owned products might be beneficial if it is enabled by default, and would cover any products attached to a Customer Portal account.


              Additionally, it would be good to have a similar opt-in subscription for notifications of Beta and RCs via the Customer Portal.


              Unless a customer has the time to explore Thwack, then they may miss updates for products associated with their account. The Customer Portal would be the best location to implement update email notifications, at least for stable releases and hot-fixes.


              There is a lot of noise on the web these days (even with optimally managed subscriptions and email filtering), and many of us have to keep track of multiple platforms from multiple vendors. Where possible, we do not want to have to chase information. The Customer Portal provides a single and fundamental point of communication for owned products; adding a notification subscription (that can be enabled/disabled) would enhance the existing portal infrastructure.