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    Netflow Start time ignored and NTA 4


      I am currently running NTA 3.11 and NPM 10.5.  When I try to do some reporting on flows the Start time I put in is ignored and it uses 12:00am of the day inputted.  I was wondering if this is an issue with NTA 3.11 and NPM 10.5.  I'm also wondering if upgrading to NPM 10.6, NTA 4, and migrating to the new DB backend would correct it.


      Does anyone have any experience with creating flow reports with the new versions?

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          the NTA 3.x only could show data except last hour in Reports. Even if the report is called Last 24 hours in fact it is Last 23 hours (with the most recent hour of data missing). This was due to technical limitation and also reports would be much slower. NTA 4.0 however takes away the limitation, and is much faster at the same time. So yes, reporting in NTA 4.0 is improved. Hopefully I answered your question.