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    FTP Voyager Scheduler and Network Shares

    ron w.

      We are trying to upgrade our FTP Voyager from 11.1 to 16.1.  I've been working through all the kinks, but have gotten stuck on running the 16.1 scheduler as a service and being able to access in house network shares (not remote ones).  The PC is Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.  I've done everything in KB article #1156 and the recommendations at the bottom in article #1679.  They both talk about setting the service to run as a network account that has access to the shared resources.  I've tried various domain admin accounts that I know have permissions to the shares and security permissions to the folders, but when I am editing or creating a schedule and try to setup an action, I am only given local drives to pick from when I click the browse button for the "Local File or Folder" field on the Action Properties page.  If I don't run the scheduler as a service, clicking the browse button gives me a list of local drives and all my mapped drives.  And I tried running the service with the same user id and password that the computer was logged in with when the scheduler was run in stand alone mode and showed me the mapped drives, but it still only showed me local drives when ran as a service.  I've tried all this with UAC on and off, with no change.  I don't know what to try next.  Please help.