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    The Mobile Admin Server supports 25 concurrent users.


      In the install guide it states "The Mobile Admin Server supports 25 concurrent users.


      This number seems a bit low.  Is anyone utilizing more than 25 concurrent users?  And if so, how is the performance?


      Also, is this 25 people actively using RDP or Exchange type work, or just 25 users connected?

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          Hi familyofcrowes,


          I guess "low" is in the eye of the beholder. From a technical perspective, we believe this should work for 99.9% of our customers based on our knowledge of common usage.


          The Mobile Admin Server can be considered a lightweight proxy for other parts of a customer's IT infrastructure and carries much less load when compared to our other products. Our stance from a product support point of view is that MA can support up to 25 concurrent users. This is variable and depends on multiple factors including the horsepower of the server that MA is running on and the number of Realtime Notification feeds that the MA Server is handling. For a given deployment, we would expect anywhere from 1%-10% of named users in a system to be using Mobile Admin concurrently, which lends MA to scaling to 250-2500 users before running into scaling concerns.


          If you are running into scaling problems, you can try these steps first:

          • Remove any dashboard feeds/real-time notifications that you don't need
          • Add more CPU, Memory, or Storage resources to the MA server


          Let me know if you have any other questions.