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    Performance widgets in report


      Hi all,

      I have a customized dashboard with CPU performance widgets for some important virtual  machines.

      From time to time we need a reports for the CPU loads on these machines for custom period (for example for last Friday)

      I can do this on the dashboard by clicking "Custom" and choosing the desired period.

      The problem is that when I generate the report from the dashboard, the report content default Day performance graphs.

      I tried to print it through the browser (tried IE,Chrome,Mozilla) but it's print only the first page.


      Any ideas how to create report with Performance widgets with customized period?

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          if you want to print Performance Chart widget you can export the widget as *.PNG (Advanced Options - Export as PNG) or copy the widget link (URL or HTML code), open it in another tab / browser and print it (see picture below). If the HTML code is used then I recommend that you modify width and height values in  <object type=... line in order to get rid of possible scrollbars.


          Please let me know if it helps.