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    Build aggregated temperature view from multiple devices


      Greetings, all.


      Apologies if this has been answered before, researching did not find a solution.


      We are currently looking to replace the functionality of  an MRTG page used by our people when on-call. The page pulls temperature from a variety of devices in different locations across the country, and graphs them on the same page. There are a bunch of servers, and some specific weather devices. It is all transparent to the users, who see a list of charts grouped, disconnected from sources. I pasted below an example with 3 devices - a weather goose, a weather duck and a HP server, all grouped together.





      To replicate this on Orion, we created custom device pollers for the nodes where discovery did not find the temperature probe. In consequence we are now happily collecting temperature and humidity data in Orion for all devices of the old MRTG page. We also created temperature charts that are visible in the Summary tab for all nodes with temperature probes. So far so good - it felt like we were nearly done.


      We got stuck when trying to build the aggregation page. Obviously we cannot have the old-style MRTG table of charts, but we wanted perhaps a single chart with all 55 probes. The end goal is to ensure that all temperature counters can be seen at a glance, allowing the on-call person to see trends before they go bad, as we do on the current web page to be replicated.

      If someone knows how to build such a page, the help would be great. If there are other, easier ways to have all temperature charts in the same page, we do not want to reinvent the wheel, and would love to hear about it as well.

      Thanks in advance for any help.