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    Network Atlas - Link Utilization


      Hello Y'all


      Anyone come across this in the New Network Atlas?


      I am unable to get untilization stats between two bits of kit..



      Cisco ASR 1002 - 15.2(1)S, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) - (SYSOID-

      Cisco 7606s -  12.2(33)SRE7, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) (SYSOID-

      So I have defined both the physical interfaces that connects the devices together L2 and Layer connectivity is present on said interfaces using a /30 to connect them.


      From the below you can see that the 7606 can get L3 and L2 utilization to other devices correctly but not to the ASR which I believe is the issue as the L2 Poller does not return a match for this device.



      But the links in question between the ASR and 7606 are showing as down even though it has L2 and L3 connectivity.. I have checked the pollers and it does say that the L2poller does not match on the ASR but L3 does.


      L2 Poller


      L3 Poller


      I was under the assumption that as long as there was either L2 or L3 connectivity it would "ConnectNow"


      Anyone able to help, would be forever in your debt