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    Are you responsible for monitoring storage in your environment?--We want to talk to you!

    Kellie Mecham



      the User Experience group is getting ready to run some user feedback sessions in mid to late February on some very early design concepts related to storage.  If that sounds fuzzy, it's because this is early concept work, and it IS fuzzy (think a skunkworks project)!  If you might be interested in having an opportunity to see some early designs and give us your thoughts, all it will require is 60 minutes of your time around mid-February-ish.  Please send me a direct email to kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com with the following information:

      • your name
      • a list of the storage device(s) you have in your environment
      • what you are currently using to monitor storage, if anything
      • your time zone so we can coordinate time with you effectively
      • anything else storage-related you think we need to know.