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    APC Pollers not working


      I put the charts for battery status and battery needs replacing on my home screen and can't get any data to display.  I changed the snmp string associated to the apc units within Solarwinds and now it won't stop polling the devices.  I keep getting unauthorized access messages in my email from the APC units.  How do I get NPM to stop polling (all settings were changed back and it still wouldn't stop.)  I restarted the server to see if that will stop the polling and am waiting for it to come back.  Also, how do I get any data to show in my APC poller charts?

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          Do your APC's have your poller as an authorized SNMP server? 9 times in 10 we have found that to be this issue when we know that the community string is correct.

          We monitor our UPS's (APC, Emerson, Libert, etc) with SAM using SNMP components. This has been much more reliable for us and allows us to have better chart data.


          We MIB walked all of our UPS devices and are monitoring:

          APC UPS Battery Time Remaining

          APC UPS Input Source

          APC UPS Time on Battery