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    Why are my down interfaces reporting high utilization?




      New NPM 10.6 user here. I've had our NPM install up and running for about a month now and while it has been spot on with node/interface down alerts, there is something suspicious going on with the "Top 10 Interfaces by Utilization/Traffic" charts.


      If you look at the attached screenshot, you'll note that there is one administratively down interface and two operationally down interfaces reporting high utilization.


      The first two Enterasys interfaces can't be reporting anything; they have no physical connections in the specified ports. I've verified this with my own eyes.


      The GE9/30 interface is actually up but being reported as down by NPM despite showing utilization.


      Has anyone seen something like this before? I haven't done much tweaking so NPM should more or less be running in a completely default setting state. Any advice you can share would be greatly appreciated.