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    Solarwinds NPM Website Change Certificate




      We have a Solarwinds NPM 10.6 with SSL using the Solarwinds Orion certificate. We need to change this certificate to a Windows CA generated certificate with a 2048 key length. The procedure we followed are as follows:


      1. Removed Solarwinds Orion certificate

      2. Imported new certificate to proper key store

      3. Made changes to IIS NPM website bindings by selecting the new certificate for the 443 binding

      4. Restarted the NPM website

      5. Ran Solarwinds Configuration Wizard


      at the end of the configuration wizard, it gave us these errors:


      . Web Request For /Orion/Login.aspx failed - The remote server server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

      . Connection to Solarwinds Information Service did not succeed.

      Last error: Found multiple X.509 certificate using the following search criteroa: Storename 'My', StoreLocation 'LocalMachine',FindType 'FindBySubjectName',FindValue 'Solarwinds-Orion'.Provide more specific find value.


      What are we missing that needs to be done to fix this problem? Thanks Solarwinds Gurus!