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    Aggregate Bandwidth Usage w/ Universal Device Poller


      Hey guys,

      I'll start by apologizing, in case this is a silly question.

      But I've been searching through Thwack for the past 2 days, and I'm still stumbling on accomplishing my goal here.


      We have two separate 50Mb internet links, going into two different Cisco 2800 routers.

      Orion shows us a nice bandwidth utilization chart for each of those individual links.


      What I'd like to do, however, is create a single chart/graph that shows the TOTAL bandwidth utilization across both links. (Preferably a single graph that shows both Tx & Rx) So we have a total of 100Mb of aggregate bandwidth (we're really more focused on Rx usage), so a single chart showing us the % of usage of that 100Mb is the goal.


      It *looks* like this can be accomplished with the Universal Device Poller, but I'm not finding the right combination of OID pollers & transformations to get me what I want.


      My first question: Is the UDP the best way to accomplish this?

      Second question: If anyone has an idea on how this can be achieved, would you mind sharing a few suggestive steps on what I need to set up (in terms of pollers) and how the data needs to be 'transformed' to get me what I need?


      I keep coming back to this old Thwack thread:


      how to calculate bandwith utilization


      . . .but I can't seem to make sense of it with the task that I'm trying to accomplish here, with two separate interfaces.