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    Trap Viewer message parsing




      I'm trying to parse a trap viewer message and the variables dont appear to be working as intended.  I'm wondering if someone could help.

      if i do ${MESSAGE} as a whole it comes back with:

      SNMP Trap

           Received Time:2/5/2014 1:11:00 PM



           Variable Bindings

      pwe3. 2

                pwe3. 2

      fdryPwServiceType:= 3

      snAgGblTrapMessage:= MPLS: VPLS HEcustomertest peer is down


      snmpTrapOID:= FOUNDRY-SN-ROOT-MIB:pwe3.2.0.1 (

                sysUpTime:= 228 days 21 hours 21 minutes 10.45 seconds (1977607045)


      snmpTrapEnterprise:= FOUNDRY-SN-ROOT-MIB:pwe3.2 (



      I'd like to parse out the messages as MPLS: VPLS HEcustomertest peer is down


      I've tried ${snAgGblTrapMessage} and ${snAgGblTrapMessage:}

      I've data is located in the trapvarbinds table in the OIDValue_Unicode field, but i can't get it to display...any ideas?