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    Can you remove the storage tab from the node details view for physical servers?


      So we have recently deployed Solarwinds Orion and I have managed to manipulate most of the customization we would like. What I have noticed is on the node details page, the storage tab seems to be tied to virtual servers and the IOPS and latnecy windows are "dead" on a physical server. We dont want anything that looks unconfigured or broke, so I would like to remove the "storage" tab from the physical servers. The "show this tab" options are pretty lame if you ask me, needs more options....


      First attempt, I removed the IOPS and Latency panes using the customize page option....but that removed it from all servers.


      Second attempt, from the storage tab options I tried a "view limitation" - selected vmware servers thinking it would only affect the storage tab, and would only show that tab for hardware matching vmware.


      Wrong. After that setting, all nodes, devices...everything would not allow you to view the details....said access denied.


      So I removed that view limitation from the database and got my details back.


      There has to be an easier way to get rid of this storage tab for some servers and leave for others but I have yet to find it or any clue in documentation/forums...


      Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.