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    NPM Groups and Failover


      I have checked around a couple of the boards and have not seen this discussed.


      We are planning on using groups to disable alerting on devices behind a firewall if

      the network goes not to that site.


      Some of the sites have a backup VPN, that will failover to automatically, others are

      manual failover.


      If suppress alerts via a group and the site comes up on the secondary circuit will

      SolarWinds start to alert on those devices?



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          If the devices behinds the FW are reachable on the secondary circuit, they wouldn't alert at all, since they are still inherently up. In the case of manual failover, your group dependency would take care of that alert storm.

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            Consider a firewall group with the interfaces you use and rollup of best- then if at least one circuit is up your groups will be.

            I learned early that nodes stay up even when your circuits are down and that keeps th dependency from working