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    Coming April 8: Windows XP Rundown

    Lawrence Garvin

      The end of Microsoft’s support of Windows XP is a big deal, and we want to know how you feel about it. Are you rejoicing in the imminent death of XP on April 8 or are you hanging on for dear life? Do you have a plan in place? Talk to us!


      And don’t forget to head on over here to take our XP-rundown poll.

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          Lawrence Garvin

          A few of our own are use terms like “a pox” and “a blight upon humanity” to describe XP (not to name names). Taking a cue from Patrick, what other technologies do you think IT would be better off without? (No, “end-users” don’t count.)

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              May be Adobe Reader upgrading the way it works with added security. Okay I think it is a good idea to always tighten down if there are security risks, but when it affects the way that pdf's are run with a network and you have to create unnecessary changes to be able to do exactly what you used to be able to do on the previous version it does seem pointless.

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              I liked XP much better than windows 8 to be honest

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                michael stump

                XP is a victim of its own success. Some people are still happy with that OS, and they haven't seen a good reason to change. Compare it to Vista: when Vista hits the end of extended support in three years, do you think ANYONE will still be using that OS? Windows 7 will suffer the same fate as XP.


                At work, there's a true effort to get rid of XP. But that's primarily due to the anticipated security exposure of running an OS that no longer has regular security patching available. The reliability of the OS is not an issue.

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                  Sohail Bhamani

                  Come on guys, it may be old and outdated and completely ridden with exploits, but at the same time, it does have a nice, small footprint.  It is also great for using old licenses just sitting around idle.  I would definitely firewall the heck out of it to keep from getting insta-pwnd though.

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                    XP is stable...and you don't have the UAC (User Annoyance Control) to deal with. 

                    By using non admin account for most activity when on the wire reduces many risks along with a good antivirus / antimalware tool.


                    Outside of the office I use it and will continue to use it for programming radios (HAM and my volunteer fire department).

                    Some older software that I need to run will not work with vista or later platforms.

                    I even have to keep DOS available for some tools.  Fortunately dosbox handles most of that.

                    My biggest problem are the new laptops without a real serial port (rs-232).  USB to RS-232 converters are hit and miss.

                    Some software can't handle the higher port numbers.  Prolific chipsets (especially the chinese clones) are problematic.


                    Windows 8 ?  My exposure to it has been not well received.  If I had the chance I'd re-image those machines to 7.


                    In the end, I retain backward compatibility to Dos 6.22 and Win 95 and XP.

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                      I will not miss XP.  I have not used it in years.


                      My desktop is Server 2008 and my Admin PC is running Windows 7.  It works very well for me but I will be reversing the rolls in about a month. 


                      My Desktop will be Windows 8.1 and the Admin PC will be running Server 2012.


                      Running the latest OS's on my everyday work systems helps keep me in front of the learning curve.


                      In other news, I am really upset they killed Winamp!!! If only iTunes was as easy to use!!!


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                        I loved XP and used it until Windoze 7 got SP1. We have been planning for the XP end of life. We built a VDI for users to run win7 or win8 desktops. Heading for an all Zero Client environment is our solution. I run a fully installed win8 desktop, for my admin workstation.

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                          I really feel Microsoft should consider duplicating the user friendly features of XP into their current OS - Win Pro 8

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                            I have been working with a couple of customers who just wanted to know if XP still exists on their networks. The fear is that it may be an embedded OS in some network connected devices. One trick I have used is to take a look (using deep packet inspection) at all traffic going in and out of Internet pipes and watch out for tell tale signs of XP clients. Some of the metadata that is transmitted as part of web browsing or software updates reveals the client OS. You can then filter on this to see how many XP clients are running on the network.


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                              I think Windows 7 is much better than XP. Untill recently, I hated windows 8 but finally decided to give it a try with 8.1 and love it!

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                                I am currently typing this on an XP Dell Laptop?  I will be riding this piece until the wheels fall off just to see how it dies and forces grandma and grandpa onto something else.  Since they think they need a tablet, that's what my guess is that they will be buying as their last device.  Currently, other than Windows Updates, I am unable to use IE for most sites due to the obvious upgrade ceiling issue.  However, Chrome is keeping things real by continuing to update and allow me to watch Savannah Guthrie on the Today Show.  Not sure how long this will last but I am going to turn this piece into an Ed Snow NSA repellent.  IE is still the best browser because it still offers something the others don't - I'll find a section to talk about this as I love to get yelled at. 

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                                    I have cleaned out and wiped any old XP desktops in my control.


                                    On a few computers I loaded Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon.  I found it to be a better then any OS out there for home use. 


                                    Main Page - Linux Mint


                                    It will encrypt the boot drive and home folder on install. On a 2009 vintage laptop using a Solid State hard drive, it boots in under 30 seconds and will shut down in less than 3 seconds.  


                                    It is fine as is......but I install a few more apps on it after the OS load and turn on the firewall.


                                    Below turns on the firewall in a terminal window:

                                    sudo ufw enable


                                    My standard application load on top of Mint:

                                    sudo apt-get install -y audacity audacity-data avidemux blt bluefish blueman calibre cdparanoia chromium-browser conky-all curl filezilla fonts-mathjax gsfonts-x11 gtk-recordmydesktop gufw hardinfo hugin imagemagick indicator-cpufreq inkscape jackd jackd2 java-wrappers jedit k3b katepart kdoctools krusader libntrack-qt4-1 lynx lynx-cur mc mc-data meld melt necpp okular openshot opera p7zip-full partimage perlmagick pitivi recordmydesktop scribus shutter soundconverter speedcrunch stk tcl tex-common texinfo texlive-binaries tiemu timidity tk unetbootin virtualbox-4.3 vlc xfburn xfconf


                                    Try Mint if you get a chance.  All of this only take a few GB of hard disk and runs really well.





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                                        I never understand why people like to put all the apt-gets on different lines. It’s so much easier like you have it.

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                                            I have/had old and new unix experience.  I worked for a school in the early 90's and helped them connect to Tenet.edu.  It was a dialup unix shell account.  This was pre-worldwideweb.  I used my Tenet.edu account for about a decade.


                                            One of my big downloads in 1994 using the zmodem command was 18 or so 1.4 megabyte files (at 9600 baud) that I had to concatenate into a single file and unzip. After that I could read the Netware 3.12 documentation on the computer.  It took two days to download it.


                                            I knew how to do what I was doing in the shell account but never really got into Unix. 


                                            Fast forward to March of this year.  I tried Ubuntu and it was OK but I really liked Mint.  After Mint I tried a few others but left them all for Mint 17.


                                            While trying the other distributions and using different hardware, I wanted a way I could load the same software over and over.  I first tried it line by line but found out you could concatenate the app names.  That is how I ended up with the code in the post.  Loading the apps by hand is too slow.


                                            I also load Chrome from Google.com using the 64 bit .deb file but I go to google to get it.


                                            Using Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon I only use the terminal to load the apps and forget it is linux.  I use Copy.com as cloud storage and they support Linux.


                                            I love the update process Mint has as well.  It just works.


                                            Take care,



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                                              I'll try your method next time i update my servers. Thank You.