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    Can't divide a transformed (CtoF) temperature poller


      I am bashing my head against a wall...


      So, I have Avaya ERS4500 switches on my network and I am trying to get the temperature to be displayed correctly in F.  The switch's sensor reads by 1/2 degrees celcius (value 100 = 50 degrees celcius) and I want to display it in Farenheit.  I have entered every combination I could think of and it tests just fine on the server in every case but in the web application it shows the celcius temperature.  It doesn't do the conversion in addition to the division.


      I've tried:





      All three calculate correctly on the server's UnDP application but it doesn't display correctly in the web display.


      Things to note:

      I cannot access the web display directly from the server (admin accounts can't access web).

      I am running NPM 10.3

      I am running Internet Explorer 8

      I can't upgrade my browser or get a new one.  We are trying to get the new 10.7 NPM, but it takes a while to get anything approved.



      Whenever I edit the transformation it divides the value again. (ie. 72 turns to 36 turns to 18.. 9.. 4.5)