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    18 second delay in sending outgoing mail (Exchange)


      Does anyone know of a setting that I can change that may correct an issue I have whereby sending an email out to a client takes around 18 seconds to send?


      Basically I can receive and send emails, but when I add a note to a ticket, save it and then click on send it takes ages before it gives me the message to say an email was sent. If I take the email settings out the messages indicate saved instantly, so i know it's an issue with the outgoing emails.


      The email account being used is an Office 365 Exchange account. Within the outgoing mail account settings: Advanced email properties I have tried both mail.smtp.noop.strict=false and mail.smtp.userset=true but both make no difference to the time it takes to confirm sent. Any ideas?


      Other settings used:

      SMTP Authentication: Simple

      Port: 587

      SSL: Yes

      SMTP Server: smtp.office365.com