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    Are training videos available to view on Solarwinds.com?


      Are training videos available to view on Solarwinds.com? I'm not able to launch them at the office, but can at home. As it turns out, the links are re-routing to you tube for the video. At our company, streaming video is pretty much considered a security risk. 'Anything' housed at you tube is 'NOT' going to happen. Having to talked to, and worked for, other companies, this seems to be the norm so I'm not sure why this is done.

      With an upcoming expansion of Solarwinds, we're going to have 100s of folks who will have access to Solarwinds that have never seen the package before, and would be much easier if they could access the traiing videos to get a feel for the product, learn how to use it, how to create reports, etc. That's what started this discussion, wanting to see how to use the new reporting: http://www.solarwinds.com/resources/videos/how-to-use-the-solarwinds-orion-report-writer.html?CMP=PRD-TAD-SWI-NPM_Resources-NPM-VID 

      Are the videos available from Solarwinds.com? Information Security has tightened to the point that even downloading them at home to a flash drive and putting on the network is no longer an option. USB ports now disabled for storage devices. Using you tube is certainly causing me an issue getting out training materials.