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    Alert Central SMS/MMS feature non-functional?


      Good evening everyone,


      I've been working quite a bit with Alert Central by deploying a POC for our NOC. Everything has been going great, but there is one feature I just can't seem to get to go.

      SMS / MMS just refuses to work for me. I've attached images so you can see what's actually happening here. I feel the problem is related to my reply SMS/MMS not containing the subject line of the message that AC originally sent. If I manually add the subject back into my reply, it works fine.


      Is this something that's known and currently under review, or am I simply configuring AC incorrectly?

      (I don't believe the lack of this feature is a show stopper in my POC, but it would be really nice to have it functional.)


      Any and all support is appreciated on this.

      Thanks in advance for your input!


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