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    Querying phantom snapshot files


      We seem to be in a situation where a large number of phantom snapshots have accumulated on some of our datastores. I would like to be able to run a query or report which shows the list of orphaned files, but I haven't been able to figure out what that query should be. Can anyone help me out?

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          For Hyper-V - vm.vdisk.location:"\*.avhd" and vm.snapshotSummaryCount: 0


          For Vmware - following the same pattern above ( keep in mind i do not have vmware anywhere to test this against )


          vm.vdisk.location:"\*-??????.vmdk" and vm.snapshotSummaryCount: 0


          If i recall correctly, when vmware does a snapshot it appends a 6 digit number to the original file name.  So what this does.. Look for any VM's that have filename with a -(6 characters after it) and a snapshot count of 0.


          Mileage may vary.. lemme know if my guess helped.  Lol