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    Query Blocker


      Virtual Vandal


      We're sure you've seen this pest before! The Query Blocker jams up your database by placing locks on rows or tables and blocking all other access to records. And when two query blockers work together they create a deadlock bringing all database transactions to a halt. This big galoot loves to play hide and seek, too - releasing a lock just long enough to make it difficult to detect.

      Stop the Query Blocker in his tracks

      SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (formerly Confio Ignite) has a dashboard that is designed to identify blocks and their associative locks, exposing even the sneakiest Query Blocker.

      Eliminate blocked queries. Download a free 14-day Database Performance Analyzer  trial and find locking and blocking problems faster.

      Meet The Rest of The Monsters

        Winner of the 2002 database resource eating contest. This Performance Hog is a real pig when it comes to IO, CPU, and memory resources. Degrading performance for the end users.            The Virtual Vandal loves hiding critical server resource metrics needed to solve VMware database performance problems. Good luck finding them!            Days of your life spent pouring over useless tools trying to figure out - WHAT IS THE PROBLEM, is what the Time-Sucka’ loves best. Fo’ shizzle!            Everyone’s least favorite QB  he places locks on rows or tables and blocks all other access to records. He is also a hit at parties with the forehead- beer-can-smash trick.            As president of the debate team, the Blame-o-saurus loves subjective information. Top weakness? Facts. Like those found by measuring response time.            Voted 'least easy-going', the DevObstacle loves to isolate IT teams and rigidly stands between DBAs and developers. No collaboration while he's around, boy howdy.            Just like that last relationship, moving from Enterprise Edition to Standard sucks! SE Feature Leecher is going to take away your performance monitoring tools that you used to rely on!