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    No MAC addresses or IP addresses show up on Cisco device ports


      First of, I am pretty new to these products.

      I have an issues in our organization.  No MAC addresses or IP addresses appear on ports for cisco devices entered into our NMS.  We are using UDT 3.0.2, NCM 7.2.2.  Other regions in our organization are not having the same problems with their cisco equipment.


      Key differences

      -We do not use vlan 1 as management Vlan

      -We use snmp v3 (I reverted back to version 2, no difference)


      I use a cisco 4507 as my core device.  L2 connection to all switches in my network.  All my Brocade switches do not have this problem. SNMP polling does not fail.  All other information has no problems being polled


      I am sort of in a rush today, so I will add any information that is asked for, or as I remember and get a chance to.


      What sort of MIB table is needed for all aspects to work correctly.  Is there a way I can get a checksheet for all components needed to get this functioning.  My Brocade switches are L3.  My cisco gear is a combo of L2 and L3, and no MAC address show up on any cisco switchports.  With the exception of thru trunk ports back to core.


      I would be hugely appreciative if some one could walk me thru the process.  Ultimately, what I would love is a breakdown of how some aspects of the polling works.  I'm not sure if it's and architecture thing or not?


      Please feel free to ask questions!