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    How do I use Kiwi CAT tools to connect via a Raritan


      Background Information

      I have a unique situation. I have several Cisco 3750/2960 switches connected via console to a Raritan, I log into the Raritan via a web interface and this allows me to access each of my switches. The Raritan also allows for direct port access of all my target switches, all I have to do is assign a port number to the switch (8081) and then I can connect via SSH/TELNET by using the IP of the Raritan and the port of the switch.


      The Problem

      I am unable to access the switches with Kiwi Cat Tools. When I run a task it successfully connects first to the Raritan via SSH but it errors out with "did not receive command prompt after connecting with SSH". The problem is that after connecting via SSH you have to hit "enter" to wake up the device. The underlying function already does this by sending a  vbCr, but looking through the debug log even sending the vbCr doesn't illicit a response from the target. Can anybody help with this. I would attach the logs, but the problem resided on a closed off stand alone system that I cannot attach removable media to.