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    Limited openings: Interested in taking a sneak peek at next generation concepts for V-Man and giving your feedback?

    Kellie Mecham

      Hi!  The UX (User Experience) group is developing concepts for next generation V-Man that we'd love to show to you!  If you use Virtualization Manager and have 1 hour to give us next week, the week of February 6, to get on a GoToMeeting and look at some early concepts for next-generation Virtualization Manager, please email me directly at kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com with:

      • your name
      • a list of all SolarWinds products you own and use
      • a few time blocks (in central time please!) which might work for you


      Users who participate will also get 2,000 thwack points, but mostly, what you'll be getting is a real chance to influence the development of a product you own.


      Hope to hear from you soon!