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    Does Updating LEM also Update Connector Profiles?


      When I update LEM to a new major version does that also update the connector profiles or does that still need to be done separately?


      Thanks in advance for any replies!

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          nicole pauls

          When you update LEM, the Template profiles can and occasionally do get updated, or new templates get added. If we determine a new connector should be configured as a part of an existing profile, or our template profiles need to be corrected for some reason, we'll update them. We will not update the configuration (i.e. which connectors are configured and which directories) of your profiles, even if they were cloned from a template - once you clone, you're on your own.


          When you update LEM connectors, included with all LEM updates, the connectors IN the profiles will get updated. If we have provided new config options or defaults, yours won't get overwritten, you'd have to reconfigure the profile yourself. It does mean if patterns or anything were updated in the connectors, all your profile agents will receive the changes for whatever connectors they have configured.