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    Node Groups in UDT


      I work for a company that has multiple divisions so it's really handy to be able to group nodes by division.  I've been able to set this up in NPM and then again in NCM (why can't I use the same node groups I created in NPM?), but I can't find away to do this in UDT.  Is there a way and I'm just missing it?


      What I would really like to see is better integration between the modules in terms of node groups...create once in NPM and have the option to use in "Grouped By" in all other modules.

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          Just to confirm - do you mean to group them in the All UDT Nodes tree resource?

          If so then this will allow you to group by a custom property so if you build groups based on dynamic queries then you can likely create the same grouping here.

          How do you show your nodes grouped by in the All Nodes Tree in NPM?