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    Using the REST API to create/update rooms/locations/departments and other things.


      I've read the documentation (http://www.webhelpdesk.com/api/) and I cannot figure out how to do a few things with the WHD Rest API. Perhaps these things are not possible through the API.


      1. How can I Create/Update Rooms, Locations, and Departments through the API? I've tried following the pattern used to Create/Update Clients and Tickets to no avail. Instead it returns a 201 (created?!) and undefined with the application/json content-type.
      2. How can I use qualifiers with to get back more useful results of Rooms/Locations? For example, I want a list of every room from a specific location and I only have the location name, not the location ID.
      3. How can I update Techs when I update their Client records over the API? Name changes are always cause a mismatch.
      4. Is there any way to see the changes made over the API with a refresh instead of having to logout and log back in? The page caching can be really annoying.


      I'm trying to integrate WHD with the system we use to manage our people, locations, departments, etc.. When a user is updated in our system we want to update them in WHD too. Sometimes new rooms aren't in the WHD system. Setting regular text fields was pretty easy, but setting the Rooms/Locations/Departments on a Client update has been incredibly difficult.


      Does anyone have any experience with advanced usage of the API? I've been searching Google (and this forum) for help for a few days with no luck.