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    Orion SDK with PowerShell - manage/unmanage multiple nodes


      I've been able to script unmanaging and managing nodes in powershell. However, for 400+ nodes, this ends up taking quite a while. Via script, it takes about 7 minutes to unmanage the nodes and over 10 minutes to remanage them. Doing this from the website takes about 25 seconds and no more than a minute, respectively. My guess is that the website somehow group updates the database instead of doing it one at a time. Anyone else seen this or have any idea how to do more than one node at a time? Below is sample code for how I am unmanaging a single node:


      Invoke-SwisVerb $swis Orion.Nodes Unmanage @("N:$nodeid",$start,$end,"false")


      Thanks for any advice you have!