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    Possible limitation with Labels


      I've deployed the label "isExcluded" inside our Virtualization Manager configuration.  Its sole purpose is to exclude unique items which have created an alerts.


      So for an example:  We have a host.vol partition called D: that will perpetually stay above my Free Space percentage because it's an OEM Partition prefilled for system recovery.   There is no good reason to leave the alert there forever, so when your scoped to the volume in the interface you would assign the label isExcluded: Yes.


      I've verified the label applies to the host.vol within the user interface, but I'm unable to query against it.  I'd assume the query path would be host.vol.isExcluded but it just doesn't work.   Tried all different variations and can't get the item to show up in the query results.


      I've verified that my label does in fact work if it is applied to a root item like Datastore, Host, Cluster, Vm.  But in my use case i surely don't want to ignore the entire host.. Just one item under the host.


      If someone has some thoughts on a solution then please let me know.


      If someone could verify my sanity by testing the configuration on their system, id appreciate it.