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    JVM Memory


      Server 2008 R2 (vmware 5.1)


      We have 4 techs and our current whd.config file is set up like this.






      I changed the Max Mem from 526 because it was constantly maxing out.

      After changing it and restarting that server it looks like this


      JVM Memory.JPG


      Actually has gone up a little.  Why isn't it showing the new 2048 and what can I do to better manage this?


      Thanks for any insight.




      Edit:  Figured out that you have to Stop and Start WHD as Administrator for it to take.

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          I see in your edit you figured it out.



          Also make sure you have updated to V12. As they updated the version of Java from I believe Java 6U12 to 6U26 and it to be better.

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            We have tried to changes these settings and we can't get them to work.

            We have restarted the services and rebooted the server but it still looks like it is using the default memory settings.


            We are going to reboot the server every couple of days until we can get this fixed.

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                Java is a memory leaker! We created a Scheduled Task on the server (windows) to restart whd nightly. No more slowness after a few days of usage.


                Allow to run whether user is logged in or not

                Run with highest privileges

                Triggers: Daily - 1 AM every day

                Action: Start a Program:  "??:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\whd.bat"

                Arguments: restart


                This will stop WHD Service and restart it, freeing up the Memory usage.


                Hope this helps!

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