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    Mobile admin User import


      is there a way to import users from active directory into mobile admin?

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          Hi Jake,


          Yes, although it requires a little secret sauce. I recommend you take a look at this Product Blog first, specifically "MOBILE ADMIN DATABASE ADMINISTRATION....WITH CHEAT CODES" section: What Your Mother Never Told You About Mobile IT Administration


          You can take the MADBLoad commands there and combine them with Microsoft's AD commandline functions to import users (Dsquery). For example:


          dsquery computer domainroot -o rdn -scope subtree -name *exchange | madbload -servers - -sharedFolder exchangeServers -users exchangeAdmins -ubi 1 -uei 1 -udomain domain

          Loads a list of servers from the domain root, recursively, ending with "exchange", into a shared folder named "exchangeServers" and assign the users in the file exchangeAdmins as managing the shared folder. Useful to load a folder of exchange servers and assign users.


          To load a list of all domain computers, you might try:

          dsquery computer domainroot -o rdn | madbload -servers

          Hope that helps!