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    SLX Version




      Need suggestion on the licensing part for NPM.

      I have a campus network with almost 2300 Alcatel 48 port Switches (Edge) and some 40 Cisco 6500 Chassis. ( DS,  Core, Border, Server farm)

      Thus if i am right, i almost have 125,400 interfaces in network to monitor.

      Will I have to go for the SLX version?

      Kindly suggest.


      Thank you!

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          If you want to monitor all interfaces you will have to go for SLX.

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            License wise - SLX would be required for that many interfaces, HOWEVER you will also hit the 10,000 element per poller limit. 


            You'd be looking at a number of additional pollers to monitor every interface.  Even if you pushed as far as the ultimate limit of 110,000 elements with careful tuning, you're still going to be short, so perhaps ask yourself if you really need to monitor EVERY interface!


            Hope this helps



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              As mentioned above this would require an SLX license plus Additional Polling Engines depending on how many interfaces you want to monitor and at what polling intervals.  I'd be happy to have a more detail conversation or put together some documentation for this kind of setup if you're interested.  I can be reached at jeff.stewart {a} solarwinds.com.