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    Netflow for 6506E on NTA 3.11.0


      I have following configruation on my cisco 6506E but can not get the flows can any one help me out.


      flow record xyz

      match ipv4 protocol

      match ipv4 source address

      match ipv4 destination address

      match transport source-port

      match transport destination-port

      match interface input

      match interface output

      collect counter bytes

      collect counter packets



      flow exporter net-flow-export-sw


      source Loopback1

      transport udp 2055

      option interface-table

      option sampler-table


      flow monitor xyz

      record xyz

      exporter net-flow-export-sw

      cache timeout inactive 10

      cache timeout active 5


      interface Vlan105

      ip address

      no ip redirects

      ip flow monitor xyz input

      ip flow monitor xyz output