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    FTP Voyager Scheduler Hangs


      We are using the scheduler to move files to a customer ftp server. The process just moves files, nothing else. Currently the task will run but hang, when we check the customer ftp server we can see files are transferred. But there is always zero length files. I assume these are the placeholder of the file to be transferred. Process will just hang after 5 or 6 files and the files that are transferred are not deleting from home directory. The files are only 2kb each so I can't imagine file size being the problem.


      Is there a queue size limit on number of files that can be transferred? We have sometimes up to a thousand files that will need to be moved. Also does the process only delete after it has completed? We have seen it complete once or twice with about 40 files, but that is so random we can't call it an actual successful test.